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What is a Tribal Scholarship? If you are among the 6.79 million Native Americans in the United States who are thinking about pursuing a college education? Then you may be interested in knowing what a tribal scholarship is. Native Americans make up about 2.09% of the entire US population with tribal members enrolled in one of the 574 federally-recognized Native […]

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vocational scholarship poster

What you need to know about Vocational Scholarships? Are Vocational Scholarships a Right Fit for You? Understanding How Vocational Scholarships Can Help You Post Graduation? The other day, I overheard some students discussing their post graduation options. One of the questions that kept coming up was, what is a vocational scholarship? Let’s be honest: a 4-year college degree isn’t for […]

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scholarship poster

Are you looking at your next step in education and wondering how to qualify for Native American Scholarships? Native American people often have a rich cultural and tribal history. Many have grown up on a protected reservation and therefore have gone through schooling that came out of specific tribal organizations. American Indian and Alaska Native, or Indigenous are interchangeable terms […]

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2021 Cobell Graduate research fellows

April 2021 BLOG POST By Melvin Monette-Barajas, President and Executive Director of Indigenous Education, Inc. The home of the Cobell Scholarship. Indigenous Education, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2021 recipients of the distinguished Cobell Graduate Summer Research Fellowship administered on behalf of the Cobell Board of Trustees. Annually, Indigenous Education, Inc. seeks fellowship applications from American Indian/Alaska Native scholars […]

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5 year anniversary

IEI is honored to have had 5 years of phenomenal Scholars.  IEI will be honoring 5 years of scholarship and service through 5 days of celebration – and we hope that you will join us! Share your experiences, memories, and photos with IEI, Cobell Scholars, and our partners using #IEI5Year!   Indigenous Education, Inc. Home of the Cobell Scholarship, has had the […]

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